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Student Visa

500 Visa Subclass

This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time in a recognised education institution. ​​​​Under the simplified student visa framework (SSVF), the 500 visa replaces all previous student visa subclasses.

ELICOS English

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) are offered by a large number of government-regulated private schools, as well as VET colleges, TAFE, and university-affiliated schools. ELICOS programs allow you to develop your skills in English as a second language as well as provide a foundation for further academic study.

ELICOS courses are held throughout the year and range from 4 to 48 weeks of full-time study, depending on your level of English and the program you choose. The range of English courses available includes:

–        General English

–        IELTS Preparation

–        Cambridge

–        English for Academic purposes

–        English for Business purposes

General English is our most popular initial entry program to Australia as this will leverage your plans to further your studies or other migration goals for Australia.

Vocational Training

The academic year for most Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and Vocational and Education Training (VET) colleges is based on two semesters, while most private colleges have intakes every month so you can arrive in Australia at any time. TAFE and VET colleges specialise in courses that provide you with skills for a particular industry or trade, or prepare you for further education. These range from Certificate courses across four levels (Certificate I, II, III and IV with duration ranging from 6 month to one year), Diploma courses (1 to 1.5 years), and Advanced Diploma courses (1.5 to 2 years).

Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas are qualifications that can be accredited toward other higher education, which enables recognition of prior learning credits and options to succeed with Employer sponsorship work visas.  Choosing to study vocational courses is a great way to be introduced to the Australian education system and can be very affordable in price as there are a range of payment options.

Higher Education

Australian universities and private education providers offer a complete range of  courses leading to highly regarded and internationally recognised qualifications.

Australian scientists and researchers have been responsible for major breakthroughs and technological advances around the world. Our best-known achievers have won international awards, including Nobel Prizes. Australia has one of the most advanced cancer research developers in the world due to our advanced university infrastructure and technology.  Apart from the obvious advantages, Australia has a very diverse range of skilled migration programs. These allows skilled migrants that have completed suitable Australian degrees to pursue post study full time work and, most importantly, be recognized with the opportunity for permanent skilled migration after the completion of their degree.

There are many universities now offering studies on a tri semester basis, enabling you to take on more subjects over the holiday break times.

Specialized research training and professional development are offered through Master’s and Doctoral degrees, usually of one to two years’ duration in the case of Master’s degrees, and three years in the case of PhDs.

australian international studentMichaela in Sydney

I studied in Copenhagen, Denmark and I took the opportunity to spend 1 semester at Macquarie University in Sydney as an exchange student.

I fell in love with Sydney and I felt like home during my stay there. Now I miss Australia so much and the break up was quite tough for me. The atmosphere was very chill, so were the people. They were so laid back and friendly. It definitely counts the country where one lives and the sun also makes the difference.

ElenaSydney Life

This is Elena. We’ve been in Sydney with my husband, Stoil, for a while already and we love it a lot! We’re doing great and we almost got used to the style of living in Australia. We just wanted to say” thank you very much” to all of you for everything you’ve helped us with and for your ongoing support as well.  I’ve improved my English a lot and I’m about to finish my language course shortly. Also, I work as a waitress and I get paid very well. My husband also has a job. By the way, we’ve got a lot of friends who want to come to Sydney too especially when I told them we’re in Australia already. Good job, Study Pro, you make our dreams come true and make us feel we have a reason to live!

StoyanThe Gold Coast

I love my lifestyle in Gold Coast. In my opinion, the standard of living here is much better compared to the USA even if one has a part time or a casual job. The payment is remarkably good. I earn as much as a local driver just working a part time, casual job in a casino. Also, I’ve got used to my work environment, I like my co-workers, most of the days I finish my shifts by noon, that’s why I’m planning to stay here as long as I can. Thanks a lot for everything.

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