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Student visa Australia

Student Visa

The Australian Student visa is one of the most popular visa’s available for Australian short term and long term migration. The Student visa allows for many short and long term goals towards other visa pathways, such as skilled and work sponsorship visa.

This visa encompasses a number of study pathways, including the study of ELICOS English, Vocational training, and Higher Education.

  • 500 Student visa
Skilled migration

Skilled Migration

The Australian Skilled migration program is the most successful permanent visa program in Australia with just over 120,000 visa’s granted each year. Australia highly values skilled migrants due to its skill shortage in many areas. There are several popular pathways in this category matching your occupation on the skilled occupation list (SOL) requiring you to meet the skilled points test.

  • 189 Skilled independent
  • 190 Skilled nominated
  • 489 Skilled regional provisional
  • 485 Temporary graduate
  • 887 Skilled regional
Sponsorship 457

Work Sponsored Visa

The Work Sponsored visa program offers skilled migrants opportunities for job security in Australia with Australian employers. This program also helps employers recruit the most suitable skilled candidate to successfully perform in their area of expertise, and enable long term security for the business and the migrant.

  • Visa 457 Sponsored temporary work
  • Visa 186 Employer nomination sponsorship
  • Visa 187 Regional sponsored migration scheme
  • Visa 417 Temporary work and holiday

Business Visa

The Australian Business visa stream offers experienced business owners or new start up business migrates to take part in business investments and other opportunities in Australia. Migrants may either establish a business in Australia, or make a designated investment for Projects:

  • 132 Business talent (permanent)
  • 188 Business innovation and investment
  • 888 Business innovation and investment
  • 890 Business owner
  • 891 Investor
  • 892 State/Territory sponsored business owner
  • 893 State/Territory sponsored investor
Partner visa

Partner Visa

Are you in a serious relationship with an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident? The Australian Partner visa stream encompasses a variety of temporary and permanent visa pathways to be with your Australian partner. The pathways recognizes the relationship of married couples, as well as that of de facto relationships and relationship between same sex couples. Available pathways include:

  • 300 Prospective marriage (9 months)
  • 820 Temporary onshore partner
  • 801 Permanent onshore partner
  • 309 Provisional offshore
  • 301 Permanent offshore partner
Extended family outdoors smiling

Family Visa

The Family visa stream connects Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens with their close family members overseas. There are visa’s for children, parents and other family members. Visa classes within the Family Stream are subject to being capped and queued each year. These visas may have extensive waiting periods offshore.

  • 804 Aged parent
  • 173 to 143 Contributory parent
  • 101 Child
  • 116 Carers
  • 835 Remaining relative

Lauren the studentMarina went from student to skilled migration.

I came to Australia 4 years ago, I first entered Australia to study English, This first step helped towards my permanent skilled migration visa. I completed a bachelors of Accounting and acquired the right amount of subjects and points including IELTS 7.0 to enable my successful skilled migration pathway. I have now a permanent visa thanks to the team at Study Pro.

TomTom went from Student to 457 visa & ENS

I Studied a variety of Courses and i was fortunate to find a job and sponsorship in a large Engineering company 2 hours North of Sydney. I used my Previous education and certificates combined with my diploma of Business from Australia to pursue a sponsorship. I now have permanent residency after 2 years of being employed.

MartinMartin went from Student to RSMS Sponsorship

I came to Australia in 2009 and i studied English for 1 year then an Advanced Diploma in Management for 2 years in Gold Coast. Recently in 2013 Study Pro found me a sponsorship in the regional area of Queensland in a retail phone shop. I have just received my Permanent residency as a retail Manager through RSMS. I recently bought my wife to Australia. We both love our new life and wonderful future. Thank you Study Pro in Sydney.