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The most rewarding experience is when we receive positive feedback from successful  clients that have a passion for succeeding through our help to come to Australia. Going to Australia is a big step for your life and we have experienced many success stories over the last few years. Those who want to make a difference in their life focus on the goals that need to be achieved for a better future. Like any new place it takes time to work out what is best for you. Australia offers a long term opportunities for those who focus on the prize.

  • Study Life Adventure

    I feel great and I like sooooooooo much the Gold Coast. I’ve got a job in a local restaurant since my first week of arrival and I’m pretty happy with it. I earn quite a lot of money. The management supports me and appreciates my positive attitude, especially me being so attentive and smiling to […]

  • Melbourne Experience

    Iam  studying at Fusion English, Melbourne. My classmates and the teachers were quite pleased with my level of English. I took the initial, placement test and I was allocated in the advanced level group. Nevertheless, I expressed my preference to give it a shot in the IELTS preparation class and I can say so far […]

  • Sydney life

    This is Elena. We’ve been in Sydney with my husband, Stoil, for a while already and we love it a lot! We’re doing great and we almost got used to the style of living in Australia. We just wanted to say” thank you very much” to all of you for everything you’ve helped us with […]

  • Martin went from Student to RSMS Sponsorship

    I came to Australia in 2009 and i studied English for 1 year then an Advanced Diploma in Management for 2 years in Gold Coast. Recently in 2013 Study Pro found me a sponsorship in the regional area of Queensland in a retail phone shop. I have just received my Permanent residency as a retail […]

  • Tom went from Student to 457 visa & ENS

    I Studied a variety of Courses and i was fortunate to find a job and sponsorship in a large Engineering company 2 hours North of Sydney. I used my Previous education and certificates combined with my diploma of Business from Australia to pursue a sponsorship. I now have permanent residency after 2 years of being […]

  • Sanjay went from Student to 457 visa

    I came to Australia in 2008 with no real goals and i studied commercial cookery and then advanced diploma of Management. Study Pro helped me achieve my sponsorship visa in a popular restaurant in Sydney whereby 2 other agents failed. I have nearly reached my 2 years with this employer and i am looking forward […]

  • Philip went from Student to RSMS visa.

    I Studied a my Masters of computer science and had trouble achieving the right amount of points for skilled migration and failed to obtain a positive skills assessment with ACS, I came to Study pro as a recommendation and fortunately Study pro helped me with success to obtain a positive skills assessment based on Greg […]

  • Marina went from student to skilled migration.

    I came to Australia 4 years ago, I first entered Australia to study English, This first step helped towards my permanent skilled migration visa. I completed a bachelors of Accounting and acquired the right amount of subjects and points including IELTS 7.0 to enable my successful skilled migration pathway. I have now a permanent visa […]

  • Testimonial


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