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Australia is proven to be one of the best places to be for a student. Over 500,000 international students, from over 200 countries from around the world, come to study in Australia each year and succeed with globally recognised skills – and a future with a leading edge. Australia is the land of opportunity with a vivid mix of cultures, first-class infrastructure, high quality education and cutting-edge research, and it’s rich in lifestyle and landscapes. Australia is a safe and friendly country and has one of the strongest economies in the world offering so many opportunities to live, study and work in Australia while on a student visa.

Study Pro is one of Australia’s leading Education and Migration agencies. Australia is one of the lucky countries in the world where you can earn money while you study and succeed to a permanent visa through our skilled migration or work programs. The advantages of working while you study are to receive Australian work place culture experience, adapt new skills and earn a comfortable living. We provide a complete range of services to help you make the right choices for Australia such as study plans, Institution placement, and course planning for short stay and long stay, admissions, visa, accommodation placement, health insurance.

In Australia, you have the freedom to choose the study option to suit your goals. You can study at Universities, vocational education (VET), schools and English language training (ELICOS). These sectors are linked so you can move easily from one qualification level to the next and from one institution to another with a chance to pursue a more permanent migration option in the future if eligible. We here at Study Pro will design the correct and most suitable pathway for you. We have over 10 years’ experience in course planning and designing to suite your short and long term goals whether it will be from temporary or permanent stay. We recommend that we design an easy entry program into Australia for the first 3, 6 or 12 months. We consider that you first need to experience Australia before making any offshore long term plans. Settling into Australia or another country for that matter needs time to adjust to learn its culture, traits and to discover your orientation and recognise opportunities.

A Quality educational System!

The Australian higher education sector offers a complete range of programs leading to highly paid jobs in Australia and they are many options to apply for Permanent migration in Australia. In 2012, 469,619 international students were studying in Australia on a student visa. Of these, there were 227,230 international students enrolled in the higher education sector. Australia has a job skills shortage and is seeking international students to grow its economy.

One of the advantages of being an international student in Australia is that you can receive permission to work part time (up to 40 hours per fortnight ) while you study. You can work up to 40 hours  per fortnight while your course is in session and full time on your holiday periods. If you’re bringing your family with you, your dependants or family members can also work up to 40 hours per fortnight once you have started your course in Australia. If you have started a course at the Masters or Doctorate level however, your dependents may work unlimited hours. Please speak to us about our study or work programs that are available to you once you arrive.

For international students there are 7 student visa subclasses depending on what education sector you are interested in. Also to consider is that each country has a different assessment level. Read more about this in our visa section. We always recommend selecting courses that you will benefit long term for goals such as permanent migration. We see many students in Australia wasting years in the wrong courses with no goals or purpose.

English courses are a great way to start your Australian project so you can understand the system and advance on your current level that will also help towards skilled migration and 457 sponsorship visas in the near future. Our plan is to support  you with your long term goals to success with the most practical advice from the experts! When you are ready to extend your visa in Australia it is important you have set goals to ensure that your next move is the correct one towards your goals and the governments permanent migration programs.

Lauren the studentLauren went from student to skilled migration.

I came to Australia 4 years ago, I first entered Australia to study English, This first step helped towards my permanent skilled migration visa. I completed a bachelors of Accounting and acquired the right amount of subjects and points including IELTS 7.0 to enable my successful skilled migration pathway. I have now a permanent visa thanks to the team at Study Pro.

TomTomica went from Student to 457 visa & ENS

I Studied a variety of Courses and i was fortunate to find a job and sponsorship in a large Engineering company 2 hours North of Sydney. I used my Previous education and certificates combined with my diploma of Business from Australia to pursue a sponsorship. I now have permanent residency after 2 years of being employed.

MartinMartin went from Student to RSMS Sponsorship

I came to Australia in 2009 and i studied English for 1 year then an Advanced Diploma in Management for 2 years in Gold Coast. Recently in 2013 Study Pro found me a sponsorship in the regional area of Queensland in a retail phone shop. I have just received my Permanent residency as a retail Manager though RSMS. I recently bought my wife to Australia. We both love our new life and wonderful future. Thank you Study Pro in Sydney.