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Sydney is in the state New South Wales, the place where the first European settlement was established in 1788.

Australia’s fastest growing economy and biggest city in Australia, Sydney has approximately 4.6 million people and is built around the world’s most spectacular water harbours, which has shaped the city since settlement. Sydney also dominates other major attractions including its distinctive artistic Opera House, huge Harbour Bridge, the historic Rocks area, and superb beaches and national parks.

In the year 2000 Australia was put on the map and Sydney hosted the Olympic Games, Sydney showed off to the world it’s modern and natural beauties and hey we do exist down under. The harbour divides the city into northern and southern halves, with Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Harbour Tunnel joining the two shores.

The coast line of Sydney offers breath taking beaches and swimming spots  such as Clovelly,  Bronte, Coogee and Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. When choosing to Study in Sydney we offer a range of packages from outdoor adventures such as learn to surf, scuba diving, whale watching and many outdoor activities.

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in Australia to live but keep in mind the average wage and income can be higher in most jobs comparing to the rest of Australia. Sydney’s educational system offers a large variety of educational providers and courses to choose from and is considered to be the cheapest study destination in Australia due to its vast range private educational sectors such as learning English and vocational studies. Due to Sydney large population, service industry and fast economy, one may experience more course and job opportunities comparing to other states depending one each individual.

gold coast

Gold Coast

If you want that real summer holiday experience with cosmopolitan modern buildings, endless shopping and cities and home to many wealthy people in Australia then the Gold coast is for you.  Due to it’s cosmopolitan environment many people spend a lot of time bathing in the sun and take much pride in their looks and appearances making this the picture perfect setting for singles and young people. The Gold coast also host the end of school leaves celebrations attracting over 100,000 party goers in November and December.

One of the most defining moments in the Gold Coast’s history occurred in  2011, when the city won the rights to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Games will leverage the community’s pride and passion and kickstart legacy infrastructure projects that will transform the Gold Coast into a truly world-class cosmopolitan city.

The Commonwealth Games represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to showcase the Gold Coast on the world stage and deliver up to 30,000 new jobs, and $2 billion in economic investment. Good news for students and work visas in the gold coast for investing in their long term goals and plans for the gold coast.

The Gold coast has a minimal range of educational providers compared to Sydney and Melbourne  but if its quality education and facilities then Queensland has the advantage offering secure long term investing in ones education and job prospects. Due to the amount of tourism in the summer time between October and April this creates a large range of jobs in hospitality and tourism services.  Study Pro work with some of the top education providers in the Gold coast and Brisbane and we take pride and thoroughly enjoy designing pathways for people for the gold coast due to its quality education opportunities, jaw dropping attractions and beautiful sceneries.



Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is the second largest city, with a population of around 4.1 million.

Melbourne has been fabricated and has been transformed by thousands of immigrants and the city has been greatly enriched by the influences of people and cultures from around the world. Melbourne is a vibrant and rich in multiculturalism, unique in its music culture, passionate about arts, food, wine and sport. Its buildings are a blend of the soaring new and stately old.

Melbourne has been one of the only cities in the  world to maintain its complete tram train systems, Melbourne’s trams have become a celebrated tourist attraction in Australia and a popular means of commuting to and from college and work.

If your after that European experience  with a  unique creative sub culture in arts, food and music and want to experience some of the best cuisine in fine dining then Melbourne is your place. Melbourne is home to the most international students located in one place due to its excellent educational system, top universities and a hundreds of international private colleges for international students. It’s college pricing is very competitive with Sydney due to the amount of competition within the private sector.

Melbourne Is home to some of Australia’s biggest IT infrastructure projects which attracts a lot of IT professionals and engineers and because of its broad range of cultures this results in most of Melbourne being filled with cafes and restaurants that results in a lot of opportunities working in the hospitality industry such as cooks, chefs, managers, waiter staff, kitchen hands and cleaners. Due to the explosion in migration and international students it can be quite competitive in the Melbourne CBD center but many opportunities available on the outskirts and surrounding cities.



Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is the gateway to Australia’s favourite holiday playgrounds of the Gold and Sunshine coasts, two great getaway destinations, especially during the colder winter months in the south.The city has often been viewed as something of an overgrown country town. That certainly isn’t the case today, if it ever was.

In the 1980s it hosted a string of major international events including the 1982 Commonwealth Games and Expo ’88, turning it into a lively cosmopolitan city.

Like other areas of Australia, Brisbane began as the subtropical holding pen for the more recalcitrant convicts from the colony of New South Wales.

Today, it has a population of approximately 1.94 million people, with an increasing influx of international and local students enjoying excellent educational facilities, warm weather loving tourists and retirees, and property investors exploring land value potential. Although close to the surf of the Gold Coast, it is very much a river city, with the temperature rarely dropping below 20 degrees during the day.



Western Australia claims to be the sunniest state in Australia. Its capital, Perth, is thought to be the most isolated capital city in the world.

Western Australia takes up one third of the Australian land mass. About 74% of its almost 2.3 million people live in and around Perth.

A vibrant and modern city, Perth is situated on the Swan River with the port, Fremantle, just 20 km down-stream.

The city was founded in 1829 as the Swan River Settlement and grew slowly until 1850, when convicts were brought to alleviate a labour shortage. Some of the city’s finest buildings, such as government House and Perth Town hall, were built with convict labour.

More recently, the state’s mineral wealth has contributed to the city’s wealth and the resultant construction boom has spread into other suburbs.

The city centre is compact and situated on the sweep of the Swan River, which borders the city centre to the south and east and links Perth to its port, Fremantle.



Adelaide, the famed city of churches, has splendid natural rural settings. The city centre is surrounded by parkland and the metropolitan area is bounded by the hills of the Mt Lofty Ranges which crowd it against the sea.

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide is laid out on a grid and has several distinct civic squares.

Thirty minutes away, and part of the magnificent Mt Lofty Ranges, are the Adelaide Hills. In addition to the beauty of the hills themselves with their huge gum trees and their picturesque landscapes, there are more than 1000 km of bushwalking trails and many fascinating townships to explore.

With a proud agricultural heritage built on the production of wheat and wool, Adelaide is also known for producing some of the finest wines in Australia, from delicate Rieslings to the robust Shiraz.

The state of South Australia is sparsely settled with 73% of its population in the capital – which has a population of almost 1.2 million – and a handful of major rural centres.