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Study Life Adventure

Study Life Adventure

I feel great and I like sooooooooo much the Gold Coast. I’ve got a job in a local restaurant since my first week of arrival and I’m pretty happy with it. I earn quite a lot of money. The management supports me and appreciates my positive attitude, especially me being so attentive and smiling to all our guests. As you may know, I have some experience in the hospitality waiting on tables in our Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. I like being a proactive person. I’m full of energy and I’m so fired up to experience everything Australia can offer to me. I implemented some ideas and practices from my experience as a waiter in Bulgaria into my work here and the results are quite evident. The turnover has increased due to my activities and promotions I initiate, all guests are happy and I like this trend up for the restaurant I work for. This was immediately noticed by the management and I was promoted to a floor manager after 4 weeks work only. I feel appreciated and happy here. Also, as you may know, I was a hip – hop instructor in Bulgaria. I rented a premise in a local MALL building and I teach dances. Life is wonderful!

I’m moving out from my homestay family and I’m moving in to another homestay family in a few days. This way I’ll be able to save money. The accommodation is going to be free for me because the new homestay family requires only helping them out in the house and looking after the kids from time to time. Actually, the new homestay family is a single mother and 2 children. She’s a nurse and I’ll look after the kids every time she takes night shifts. This is works great for me because I won’t have any expenses for accommodation and I’ll be able to save money for university. I love this win – win situation.

I commenced my course at the college on Monday. It was extremely interesting and I’m so excited right now doing my homework and working on the project.

I just want to thank you very much for everything.

Militsa Antonova,

Gold Coast, Australia

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