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Melbourne Experience

Melbourne Experience

Iam  studying at Fusion English, Melbourne. My classmates and the teachers were quite pleased with my level of English. I took the initial, placement test and I was allocated in the advanced level group. Nevertheless, I expressed my preference to give it a shot in the IELTS preparation class and I can say so far so good. Jose helps us a lot, he is virtually everywhere and he’s been extremely attentive and helpful – just like you, Ivan, in Bulgaria! My classmates are very friendly, nice and entertaining. They try to have fun all the time. There are students from Spain, Colombia, Thailand, Germany, Italy, etc . Today, I received my debit card from the Commonwealth bank. My bank account has been set up. I’m waiting for my TFN number now. I may fly to Sydney to spend the weekend there just two weeks prior to the Christmas holidays. I’ve also got excellent accommodation and very friendly roommates. The only downside is this slow speed internet service we have at home, but who pays attention to such a small detail when the atmosphere and the pulse of the city are amazing!

I work at a car wash and I earn enough money to cover my living expenses. The weather in Melbourne is quite nice.  I enjoyed my first swim in the ocean, I had a kangaroo meat and visited several interesting museums. That’s all so far.

The life in Melbourne is a real pleasure!

Warm greetings from Melbourne!

Nikolay Spasov

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