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The Study Pro Connection

Our mission is to enable real empowerment to international migrants wishing to advance their careers through quality education in Australia. We offer realistic advice and deliver real opportunities for people wishing to gain success through our sound advice and ongoing support. Australia offers long term opportunities for everyone, and our goal is to assist in securing your future in Australia. We take great pride in our professionalism and and provide realistic support to all of our clients.

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Realistic Opportunities

We specialize in identifying the perfect visa, study option and lifestyle for your short and long term goals in Australia, regardless of which part of the world you may be from. Study Pro offers secure and professional Australian immigration advice to each and every client, assisting with clients’ smooth transition to living, studying and working in Australia. All information provided will be from trusted and experienced registered Australian migration agents. Our focus is on providing honest and up to date visa and study information to ensure your success with your goals for Australia.

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Australian Migration Law

Study Pro consists of Australian registered migration agents and qualified education counselors to assist you in selecting the right choices for Australia. We can help you no matter what your goal is – either temporary stay, or permanent opportunities in Australia. It is important for you to work with experienced registered migration agents when working with Migration law and complex visa regulations to satisfy your intentions and succeed with your dream for Australia. Our professional advice and relationship with you is the most valuable experience we guarantee.

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  • Greg Newton

    Greg Newton

    Director & Registered Migration Agent MARN1173844


  • Katerina Kimovska

    Katerina Kimovska

    Director Student services

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  • Ivan Varbanov

    Ivan Varbanov

    Director Bulgaria

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  • Karola Szecsko

    Karola Szecsko

    Registered Migration Agent MARN1385077


  • Justin hawkins

    Justin Hawkins

    Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Terry Dimovski

    Terry Dimovski

    Manager Gold Coast

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Meet our education and visa specialists!

We are available to assist you face to face in a consultation sessions or book a live Skype or video consultation.  Our main office is located in Sydney Australia. Study Pro specialists are also located right across Australia and overseas to help you with your needs.

We offer free education course advice and we also offer additional paid services for Immigration law advice and secure visa preparations.  It is important when you are making decisions about types of visas and courses for Australia that you seek the advice from experienced education advisers and Registered migration agents.

Please call our Study Pro team to make an appointment on 02 9597 9904 or Skype StudyproAustralia or simply send us an email with your inquiry.

Sydney office is located at: Level 2, 10 Kind Street, Rockdale, NSW 2216 Australia.

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